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By Jesus Socorro
March 3, 2021
Meet Myylo.

"Hi, I’m Myylo. I have a drawer exclusively for pasta in my kitchen. I make dope tunes for the gays and the girls. If there’s a dance circle at a wedding, I will be the first one in, and I will do a backflip."

How did you get into music?
My parents stuck me into piano lessons as a kid and made sure we took music classes all through high school. I started songwriting as a 15-year-old when my brother was making out with a girl in his room. I was bummed cause I thought that would never happen for me, and then I wrote a sad boy song about that.

Do you have any plans for a debut album?
I do. That is all.

How do you think you have evolved as a person and an artist since the release of your debut EP, South, in 2017?
As an artist, I feel like I’ve honed the precision of word choice in my songs and found a more authentic form of vocal delivery and track production. I’ve also found collaborators - namely Christian Fiore - who help me make my best stuff. As a person, I’m less uptight and less concerned with what other people think.

What is the story or the meaning behind your latest EP, I Do?
Ummmmmmm. Its honestly just more of a collection of songs I like. I’m not trying to create a narrative arc with my latest work.

When can we expect a new single?

Which of your songs is your favorite or most special to you?
“Lack of You” is most special to me. I had had my heart broken in college and had spent a few years and a few dozen songs trying to communicate what that felt like. It was a long journey to arrive at describing that song. I wrote and produced it by myself during a month of solo writing in my room, and I’m really proud of it. Shoutout to Christian Fiore for finishing out the production with me.

Who are your three biggest icons?
Beyonce. Kacey Musgraves. Sara Bareilles.

Tell me your most embarrassing relationship story.
Haha, come to show if you want to hear this one.

What is your favorite coming out story?
I had hickeys all over my neck one morning, and my dad asked me who gave them to me. I told him, and he told me to always wear condoms.

When did you first start exploring your sexuality, and how has it evolved over time?
Ummm, adolescence, as with everyone else, is obviously a major site of discovery. As Gen Z discourse has unpacked gender and sexuality online, I’ve been reconsidering my own fluidity and labels. I’m in a space where I’m thinking a lot about that right now. When I came out, I felt really strictly defined in who I could be and who I could be attracted to, and now I don’t.

What has been the most difficult part of quarantine for you?
Acknowledging that our government and a lot of people in our society do not care if people in America live or die.

How has the global pandemic affected your artistry?
I’ve really stopped collaborating on a grand scale. I used to do 4-5 sessions a week with like 10 different writers every week. Now, I’m really just focused on writing for projects like Zolita’s Evil Angel or collaborating with my producer on my artist project. I’m doing fewer things with way more intention.

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Weekly music recs in your inbox?

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