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Naomi Wild

By Jesus Socorro
March 17, 2021
Meet Naomi Wild.

"I'm from LA - I grew up in Studio City, like, behind the Mel's Diner. My favorite meal is a grilled cheese and tomato soup. I write music and am lucky enough to do so for a living. I hated high school and kind of school in general. I went to a Waldorf school - if you know anything about what that is, you'll better understand me. I dropped out of college after a song I sang into my phone blew up. Then, I brought my best friend into writing sessions and told everyone she was my manager. I wrote a song for ODESZA and lied about my experience with performing so I could tour with them. I enjoy doing most things in life by learning myself through trial and error rather than being taught. I slam a footlong tuna. I'm extremely self-sufficient and codependent at the same time. I'm finishing an album right now."

How did you get into music?
Although I grew up in a musical family, I had no desire to make music but was always passionate about it. We had a piano in our home that my dad bought when he was in college - it was all fucked up and wooden brown. I drew all over it as a kid, and my dad never yelled at me for it. In college, I was lonely and started writing poems on my phone while listening to beats. I'd freestyle them into voice notes in my closet and ask producers on Soundcloud if they wanted vocals. Everything changed after that, and now I'm here.

What elements can be found throughout your music and within your sound?
I don't really know what my "sound" is. It’s just me and how I feel in the moment. So, in that case, I'd just say "honesty."

Do you have any plans for a debut EP or album?
It's the best shit I’ve ever made. Anyone that knows me from features doesn't really have any idea who I am. I love those songs, but they're not me. I'm excited I finally get to show who that person is.

How has the global pandemic affected your artistry?
It's given me time and space to be honest with exactly what I'm working with, challenged me to dig deeper, and forced me to be honest with myself and my craft. Everything for a reason.

Which of your songs is your favorite or most special to you?
A song called “You + I” that will be on my upcoming album.

When can we expect a new single?
“Attached To Nothing Connected To Everything” out Summer 2021.

What are your plans and goals as an artist for 2021?
Continue making music that makes me feel like I have a purpose and continue helping other artists do the same.

Where do you hope to see yourself three years from now?
Killing shit, happy as shit, abundant, and full of love and gratitude.

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Weekly music recs in your inbox?

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